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  • Prototyping Futures fulltext
    Björgvinsson, Erling; Birt, Arlene; Cuartielles, David; Davidsson, Paul; Ehn, Pelle; Ginslov, Jeannette; Gustafsson Friberger, Marie; Hillgren, Per-Anders; Hobye, Mads; Jacobson, Bob; Jacobsson, Andreas; Kozel, Susan; Linde, Per; Löwgren, Jonas; Nilsson, Elisabet M.; Peterson, Bo; Rosenqvist, Karolina; Topgaard, Richard : Malmö university (2012)
    Plain-text versions of individual chapters are available at
  • How the lion learned to moonwalk and other stories on how to design f... fulltext
    Björgvinsson, Erling; Ehrndal, Marie; Rosenqvist, Karolina; Steijn, Arthur M.; Topgaard, Richard; Wellejus, Asta; Wendelboe Kuczynski, Eva; Wille, Jakob I. : Malmö University (2014)
    A companion guide to this publication is available at
  • Design & visuell kommunikation : examensbok 2010 fulltext
    Malmö University. Faculty of Culture and Society : Malmö University, School of Arts and Communication 
    Studies in Arts and Communication;5 (2010)
  • Houses of Memory
    Hemer, Oscar; Winkelhorn, Kathrine; Elam, Ingrid; Teer-Tomaselli, Ruth; Rorvik, Peter : Malmö University (2007)
    The exhibition 'Houses of Memory', exhibited in Durban (April 2007) and Malmö (Novemner 2007 - March 2008) is the tangible result of the project. Participating artists are: Carlos Capelan, Clifford Charles, Loulou Cherinet, Jan Håfström, Doung Anwar Jahangeer, Langa Magwa, Tova Mozard and Tracey Rose
    artistic research
  • Interactive TV Narratives: Opportunities, Progress and Challenges
    Ursu, Marian F; Thomas, Maureen; Kegel, Ian C; Williams, Douglas; Lindstedt, Inger; Wright, Terence; Leurdijk, Andra; Zsombori, Vilmos; Sussner, Julia; Myrestam, Ulf; Hall, Nina 
    Journal article in 4 : Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCAAP) (2008)

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