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Recent Submissions

  • Blocking out sexual fantasies for a fantasy of eternal sex : islamist...
    Carlbom, Aje 
    Book chapter in Sexual fantasies : at the convergence of the cultural and the individual : Peter Lang (2015)
  • Sexual Fantasies : At the Convergence of the Cultural and the Individ...
    Larsson, Mariah; Johnsdotter, Sara; Malmö University. Faculty of Health and Society : Peter Lang Academic Research (2015) BOOK
  • Have Nordic Welfare regimes Adapted to Changes in Transition to adult...
    Salonen, Tapio; Angelin, Anna; Kauppinen, Timo; Lorentzen, Thomas; Bäckman, Olof; Dahl, Espen 
    Book chapter in Young people and social policy in Europe : dealing with risk, inequality and precarity in times of crisis; : Palgrave Macmillan 
    Work and Wlfare in Europe; (2014)
  • Socialt arbete och ekonomisk utsatthet i ett strukturellt samhällsper...
    Salonen, Tapio 
    Book chapter in Perspektiv på social utsatthet; : Studentlitteratur (2014)
  • Narkotikan i samhället
    Svensson, Bengt 
    Book chapter in Perspektiv på social utsatthet : Studentlitteratur (2014)

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