Thoughtmarks: Re-thinking Bookmarks & the Personal Information Space

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Thoughtmarks: Re-thinking Bookmarks & the Personal Information Space

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Publication 2-year master student thesis
Title Thoughtmarks: Re-thinking Bookmarks & the Personal Information Space
Author(s) Ghaly, Marcus
Date 2012
English abstract
Bookmarking is one of the main methods by which users store the online information they find valuable. However, bookmarks in their current incarnation suffer from a number of drawbacks which do not support users in their daily routines. Bookmarks are very easy to make, but over time this causes bookmark collections to grow, requiring systems of organization to keep track of everything. Eventually though these systems of organization require organizing themselves. And as time passes the titles of both bookmarks and folders begin to loose their meaning and users find it harder and harder to determine a bookmark’s value or a folder’s contents based on title alone. This leads to the bookmarks themselves becoming stale and unused, making collections that much harder to search through when trying to re-find one’s found, online information. This thesis proposes to re-imagine bookmarks as visualized information that is easily recognizable, and can help users to predict the information a bookmark links to. In this way it is hoped that bookmarks can become a more meaningful link between users and their found, online information. Furthermore, automated tagging is proposed to assist users when searching for their content, as well as chronological sorting to help users visually scan through their collections and re-find their bookmarks. Finally, non- hierarchical, folder-less bookmarking was also proposed, though in the end this did not map to users’ habits. That being said, visualizing bookmarks would appear to be worth pursuing as it resonated with users, and could be one direction to follow in assisting users with their information collections.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle
Pages 80
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) bookmarking
personal information space
multi touch
interaction design
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