NanoWear of Salivary Films vs. Substratum Wettability

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NanoWear of Salivary Films vs. Substratum Wettability

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title NanoWear of Salivary Films vs. Substratum Wettability
Author(s) Sotres, Javier ; Pettersson, Torbjörn ; Lindh, Liselott ; Arnebrant, Thomas
Date 2012
English abstract
The pellicle serves as a multifunctional protective layer, providing, e.g., lubrication and remineralization and also acting as a diffusion barrier. In addition, since the formation of the pellicle precedes the adhesion of micro-organisms, it is also important as a conditioning film. We present a novel approach to study the influence of the water wettability of solid surfaces on the strength of adsorbed salivary films. It is based on studying the wear resistance of the films with an atomic force microscope operated in the friction force spectroscopy mode. This methodology provides the strength of the films in terms of the forces needed for breaking and removing them. Our results indicate that these forces are highly dependent on the water wettability of the underlying substrata, decreasing with increasing hydrophobicity. Thus, this study provides valuable information for the design of materials exposed in the oral cavity, i.e., materials that will minimize plaque formation and be easy to clean.
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Publisher SAGE
Host/Issue Journal of Dental Research;10
Volume 91
ISSN 1544-0591
Pages 973-978
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) saliva
materials science(s)
surface chemistry/properties
force spectroscopy
Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
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