Biofuel cell as a power source for electronic contact lenses

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Biofuel cell as a power source for electronic contact lenses

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Biofuel cell as a power source for electronic contact lenses
Author(s) Falk, Magnus ; Andoralov, Viktor ; Blum, Zoltan ; Sotres, Javier ; Suyatin, Dmitry ; Ruzgas, ´Tautgirdas ; Arnebrant, Thomas ; Shleev, Sergey
Date 2012
English abstract
Here we present unequivocal exptl. proof that microscale cofactor- and membrane-less, direct electron transfer based enzymic fuel cells do produce significant amts. of elec. energy in human lachrymal liq. (tears). 100 μm diam. gold wires, covered with 17 nm gold nanoparticles, were used to fashion three-dimensional nanostructured microelectrodes, which were biomodified with Corynascus thermophilus cellobiose dehydrogenase and Myrothecium verrucaria bilirubin oxidase as anodic and cathodic bioelements, resp. The following characteristics of miniature glucose/oxygen biodevices operating in human tears were registered: 0.57 V open-circuit voltage, about 1 μW cm-2 max. power d. at a cell voltage of 0.5 V, and more than 20 h operational half-life. Theor. calcns. regarding the max. recoverable elec. energy can be extd. from the biofuel and the biooxidant, glucose and mol. oxygen, each readily available in human lachrymal liq., fully support our belief that biofuel cells can be used as elec. power sources for so called smart contact lenses.
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Publisher Elsevier
Host/Issue Biosensors & Bioelectronics;1
Volume 37
ISSN 0956-5663
Pages 38-45
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Enzymatic fuel cell
Direct electron transfer
Human lachrymal liquid
Electronic contact lens
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