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  • Becoming Response-able Stakeholders – Participatory Design in Times o...
    Lindström, Kristina; Ståhl, Åsa Eds: Bossen, Claus; Smith, Rachel Charlotte; Kanstrup, Anne Marie; McDonnell, Janet; Teli, Maurizio; Bødker, Keld  
    Conference article in Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Interactive Exhibitions, Workshops - Volume 2; : ACM (2016)

    Proceedings 14th Participatory Design Conference (15-19 Augusti 2016 : Aarhus, Denmark)
    Conference article
  • Material Selection in Industrial Design Education - a Literature Review
    Asbjörn Sörensen, Charlotte; Jagtap, Santosh; Warell, Anders Eds: Bohemia, Erik; Buck, Lyndon; Eriksen, Kaare; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Ovesen, Nis; Tollestrup, Christian  
    Conference article in Design Education: Collaboration and Cross-Disciplinarity, Aalborg, Denmark, 8th-9th September 2016;DS 83: Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE16) : The Design Society Serie: E&PDE;E&PDE16 (2016)

    The International Conference on Engineering and Production Design Education (2016-09-08, 2016-09-09 : Aalborg, Denmark)
    Conference article
  • Brexit and the post-imperial trauma of withdrawal fulltext
    Stinshoff, Richard; Dittmar, Jakob  : kompetenzzentrum kulturelle topografien (2016)
    In and Out of Europe : British Literary and Cultural Discourses of Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries (15-17 September, 2016 : Basel, Switzerland)
    Conference contribution
  • Co-designing newcomers archives : discussing ethical challenges when ... fulltext
    Nilsson, Elisabet M.; Barton, Jody Eds: Kung, Cecile; Lam, Elita; Lee, Yanki  
    Conference article in Cumulus Working Papers 33/16 : Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 – Open Design for E-very-thing; : Hong Kong Design Institute (2016)

    Cumulus Hong Kong 'Open Design for E-very-thing : exploring new design purposes' (November 21-24, 2016 : Hong Kong, China)
    Conference article
  • Creating the city: the right to history and the fictionalizing of data
    Engberg, Maria; Linde, Per  (2017)
    Creating the city : Identity, memory and participation (9-10 february 2017 : Malmö, Sweden)
    Conference contribution

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