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Research publications from Malmö University published in MUEP are indexed in SwePub, Google Scholar, Scopus, and other research publication sites. You can buy printed copies from Malmö University Publications Webshop (in Swedish).

If you are a researcher at Malmo University you are welcome to publish your work in MUEP. Read more: Forskarpublicering i MUEP.

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Recent Submissions

  • Researching Complex Interventions in Health : The State of the Art fulltext fulltext OA Fulltext
    Craig, Peter; Rahm-Hallberg, Ingalill; Britten, Nicky; Borglin, Gunilla; Meyer, Gabriele; Kopke, Sascha; Noyes, Jane; Chandler, Jackie; Levati, Sara; Sales, Anne; Thabane, Lehana; Giangregorio, Lora; Feeley, Nancy; Cossette, Sylvie; Taylor, Rod; Hill, Jacqueline; Richards, David A; Kuyken, Willem; von Essen, Louise; Williams, Andrew; Hemming, Karla; Lilford, Richard; Girling, Alan; Taljaard, Monica; Dimairo, Munyaradzi; Petticrew, Mark; Baird, Janis; Moore, Graham; Odendaal, Willem; Atkins, Salla; Lutge, Elizabeth; Leon, Natalie; Lewin, Simon; Payne, Katherine; vanAchterberg, Theo; Sermeus, Walter; Pitt, Martin; Monks, Thomas  
    Journal article in BMC health services research;101 : BioMed Central (2016)
    Journal article
  • The role of moral beliefs, shame and guilt in criminal decision-makin...
    Svensson, Robert; Pauwels, Lieven; Weerman, Frank Eds: Bernasco, Wim; van Gelder, Jean-Louis; Elffers, Henk  
    Book chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Offender Decision Making : Oxford University Press (2017)
    Book chapter
  • Children practising politics through spatial narratives fulltext
    Harju, Anne  
    Journal article in Children's Geographies; : Routledge (2017)
    Journal article
  • Practice and Academic Knowledge Colliding in Teacher Education fulltext
    Harju, Anne; Åkerblom, Annika  (2017)
    AERA 2017 Annual Meeting: Knowledge to Action : Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity (27/4-1/5 2017 : San Antonio Texas, USA)
    Conference poster
  • Doing ethnicity in elderly care fulltext OA Fulltext
    Lill, Linda  
    Journal article in Papers of social pedagogy;1 : Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization University of Warsaw (2017)
    Journal article

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