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  • Researchers’ Blogging Practices in Two Epistemic Cultures: The Schola... fulltext
    Kjellberg, Sara 
    Journal article in Human IT;3 : University College of Borås (2014)
  • Storying research : conducting research in new formats and new voices fulltext
    Dirndorfer Anderson, Theresa; Åström, Fredrik; Francke, Helena; Hartel, Jenna; Kjellberg, Sara 
    Publication in Berlin iConference 2014 Proceedings : culture, context, computing; : iSchools (2014)

    The iConference 2014, Berlin, 2014-03-04/07
  • Shaping a trustworthy representation online : researchers’ use of soc... fulltext
    Kjellberg, Sara (2013)
    International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS) Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen University, August 19-22 2013.
  • What is education based on scholarship? fulltext
    Wilhelmsson, Hanna; Magnusson, Jenny; Malmberg, Claes; Stenberg, Ewa; Tapia, Pablo; Pramgård, Ann-Britt 
    Publication in Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education;1 : Universitetet i Bergen, Universitetsbiblioteket (2013)

    Creating knowledge VII, Lund, 14-16 August, 2014
  • Publiceringsstöd i samverkan vid Malmö högskola : en strategi för hur... fulltext
    Kjellberg, Sara; Stjernberg, Helena; Widmark, Jenny (2014)
    Mötesplats Open Access 2014, Växjö 1-2 april 2014

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