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  • Learner centered experiences with flipped classroom and mobile online... fulltext fulltext
    Amhag, Lisbeth 
    Conference paper in 11th international conference : mobile learning 2015 : Madeira, Portugal 14-16 March : Proceedings; : IADIS, International Association for Development of the Information Society (2015)

    11th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2015, Madeira, Portugal, 2015, 14-16 mars
  • Development for All in an Era of Transnational Educational Measurements
    Ohlsson, Lisbeth; Lang, Lena : EERA 
    ECER online programme; (2012)

    European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 2012), The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All. Cadiz, Spain, 17-21 september 2012
  • Rum i högre utbildning som resurs för och i lärande
    Leijon, Marie (2013)
    Dialogkonferens. Pedagogisk forskning i Skåne, 28 augusti, 2013, Lunds Universitet
  • Campus space in higher education as a place for learning
    Leijon, Marie (2013)
    Creating Knowledge CKVII conference, 14-16 augusti 2013, Lunds Universitet.
  • Space in higher education : design and agency fulltext
    Leijon, Marie (2014)
    Symposium Rum för aktivt lärande. Uppsala universitet, 14-15 augusti 2014.

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