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  • A Crack in a Material with Varying Elastic Properties
    Jivkov, Andrey; Ståhle, Per : UMAT2000 (2000) REPORT
  • A Crack Tip Model for Stress Corrosion Crack Growth
    Jivkov, Andrey; Ståhle, Per : MUMAT2001 (2001) REPORT
  • A model for graded materials with application to cracks
    Jivkov, Andrey; Ståhle, Per : Project Report MUMAT (2002) REPORT
  • A Sampler of International Media and Communication Statistics 2010
    Leckner, Sara; Facht, Ulrika; Malmö University. School of Technology : NORDICOM, Nordic Information Center for Media and Communication Research University of Gothenburg 
    Nordic Media Trends;12 (2011)
  • Analytical Perturbation Solutions for a Crack Interacting with a Func...
    Jivkov, Andrey; Ståhle, Per : Malmö University (1999) REPORT
  • An evaluation of high-temperature creep of zirconium alloys : data ve... fulltext
    Massih, Ali R : Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) 
    SSM;2014:20 (2014)
  • Arbetsberedning med fulltext
    Persson, Mats : Sveriges Byggindustrier 
    En handbok från Sveriges Byggindustrier FoU-Syd; (2012)
  • Assessment of data and criteria for cladding burst in loss-of-coolant...
    Massih, Ali R.; Jernkvist, Lars-Olof : Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority) 
    Research;2015:46 (2015)
  • Carbon/carbon, cement och ceramic matrix composites
    Warren, R. : Comprehensive Composite Materials - vol.4 (2000) REPORT
  • Comparison between Experimental Measurements and FEM Calculations on ...
    Varias, A G : Malmö University (2003) REPORT
  • Corrosion and microstructure in die-cast magnesium alloys AS21X
    Warren, Richard; Wei, Liu-Ying; Wei, Kun : MUMAT 2001:9 (2001) REPORT
  • Crack formation and growth from fatigue corrosion pits
    Jivkov, Andrey : MUMAT2002 (2002) REPORT
  • Crack Growth under High Pressure Governed by a Fully Plastic Crack Pa...
    Isaksson, Per; Ståhle, Per : MUMAT2001 (2001) REPORT
  • Cyclic Loading of a Brazed Joint under Stress Concentration
    Blom, A : Malmö Högskola (2001) REPORT
  • Design of a Specimen for Testing the Fatigue Performance of a Spot Br...
    Varias, A G; Sharafeddeen, A : Malmö University (2002)
    Report MUMAT2002
  • Distribution of Hydrogen in Interstitial Lattice Sites and Saturable ...
    Varias, A G; Warren, R : Malmö Högskola (2001) REPORT
  • Effects of additives on uranium dioxide fuel behavior fulltext
    Massih, Ali : Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) 
    SSM;2014:21 (2014)
  • Estimating the Intrinsic Stress-Strain Behaviour of the Filler Metal ...
    Wei, Liu-Ying; Warren, R.; Blom, A : Malmö University (2002)
    Report MUMAT2002



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