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  • Criminal policy debate as an active learning strategy fulltext OA Fulltext
    Mellgren, Caroline; Ivert, Anna-Karin 
    Journal article in Cogent Education;1 : Cogent OA (2016)
    Journal article
  • Family matters are not just domestic affairs : a perspective on socia... OA Fulltext
    Dychawy Rosner, Irena 
    Review article in Papers of Social Pedagogy;5 : Warszawa University Press (2016)
    Review article
  • "En plan skapar inte delaktighet" : betydelsen av kommunikation, norm... fulltext
    Egard, Hanna; Nyström, Camilla; Bach Jensen, Trine; Holmdahl, Ale; Lihv, Emelie; Sjöström, Carolina; Magnusson, Elin 
    Occasional Papers in Disability & Rehabilitation;2016:1 (2016)
  • Encounters With Irregular Migrants in Social Work : “Collateral Damag...
    Cuadra, Carin Björngren 
    Journal article in Journal of Immigrant and Refugee studies;3 : Taylor & Francis (2015)
    Journal article
  • Is There a Nordic Prostitution Regime?
    Skilbrei, May-Len; Holmström, Charlotta 
    Journal article in Crime and Justice in Scandinavia;1 : The University of Chicago Press (2011)
    Journal article

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