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  • The Policeman as a Worker - or Not? International Impulses and Natio...
    Nyzell, Stefan (2014)
    ESSHC Vienna 2014, 10th European Social Science History Conference, Vienna, Austria, 23 April - 26 April 2014.
  • Swedish elite sport at a crossroads? Results from a study of governme... fulltext
    Norberg, Johan R; Sjöblom, Paul; Fahlén, Josef; Fahlström, Per Göran 
    Publication in The 20th EASM conference Sport between business and civil society : abstract book; : University College of Northern Denmark (2012)

    Sport between buisness and civil society, the 20th EASM Conference 18-21 september 2012, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Cunning Plan for exploring the migration experience... using tickets ...
    Axelsson, Cecilia 
    Journal article in Teaching History;149 : The Historical Association (UK) (2012)
  • Antimilitaristic Antiwar Committes in Sweden 1934-1936 : A Question o...
    Andersson, Irene 
    Conference paper in Gender, war and peace : breaking up the borderlines; : University Press of Eastern Finland 
    Rapporter till det 28. Nordiska historikermötet i Joensuu, den 14-17 augusti 2014 = Proceedings of the 28th Congress of Nordic Historians in Joensuu, 14-17 August 2014,;2 (2014)

    Det 28:e Nordiska Historikermötet den 14-17 augusti 2014, Joensuu, Finland = the 28th Congress of Nordic Historians in Joensuu, Finland 14-17 August 2014
  • Sisters Across Borders : International and Transnational Perspectives...
    Nyzell, Stefan 
    Journal article in Nordic Police Research Seminar; (2014)

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