When the field of sport crosses the field of physical education

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When the field of sport crosses the field of physical education

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title When the field of sport crosses the field of physical education
Author(s) Peterson, Tomas
Date 2008
English abstract
The two main arenas of organised sport in Sweden are sport clubs, in the form of voluntary organisations, and the school subject Physical Education and Health. Thus sport is constructed within two different social fields, in Bourdieus sense. These are relatively autonomous fields, with their own ideals and consecration instances, their own values and positions fought for, and its own appropriate dispositions. The basic aim of school sport is to enable each individual take the responsibility for his or her body in a lifetime perspective, whereas club sport is based on competition and strives towards selection, ranking and elitism. In 2003, the Swedish government made a “hand-shake” (Handslaget) with the The Swedish Sports Confederation, offering one billion Swedish crowns over a period of four years to local sport clubs in order to create project that will engage more children in organised sport. On of the themes for creating projects is by way of sport clubs collaborating with schools, so that within the school day time pupils will be exposed to club sport – either through club instructors coming to the school or the pupils coming to the club facilities. But what happens when an activity constructed on one social field, and according to the specific conditions of that field, is simply lifted over to another social field? In this paper I discuss some consequences emanated from such a process. Keywords: Social Field, Sport, Physical Education, Handslaget/the Handshake.
Publisher Education, Malmö University
Host/Issue EDUCARE;2008
ISSN 1653-1868
Pages 2008:3, 83-97
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Social Field
Physical Education
Handslaget/the Handshake
Humanities/Social Sciences
sport science
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/7225 (link to this page)

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