What values are upheld in Life Competence Education?

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What values are upheld in Life Competence Education?

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Title What values are upheld in Life Competence Education?
Author(s) Löf, Camilla
Date 2010
English abstract
Research topic/aim: The aim of this paper is to analyse what values are upheld in the new school subject Life Competence Education, as interpreted by local school practices in Sweden. Theoretical framework: Life Competence Education has developed in Swedish schools over the past decade as a way of organizing the fundamental values of the swedish school system. An important approach for the understanding of Life Competence Education is therefore the notion of broad didactics (Englund, 1997), in which education and classroom activities s contextualized with societal values. Moreover, an ambition with this school subject is to empower children and prevent them from a riskful society (Lee, 2001; James & Prout, 2006). This paper is part of the four year cross scientific programme Multi-Contextual Childhood, which is financed by the Swedish research council. Methodology/research design: This study draws upon an ethnographic fieldwork (october 2006- may 2008), combined with video recordings and analysis of policy documents. The study is conducted in Malmö Sweden and includes three compulsory schools, which all have implemented Life Competence Education as a subject on the schedule. Expected conclusions/findings: A critical analysis of local curricula shows how some personal qualities are highlighted as desirable. Consequently other qualities and behaviours are regulated through training. One paradox is that the values and normalities that are constructed in the school practices are based on local definitions and understandings of terms such as “culture” and “friendship”. Consequently these definitions emphaze that for example integration is relevant only for those that are segregated, rather than making integration a matter for the entire society. I will here argue for the need of reflection over whether these local values are in line with national curricula? Relevance for Nordic Educational research: Life Competence Education is a new subject in Swedish schools, and there is little research on this phenomena. There is an emerging need for knowledge on Life Competence Education, both in relation to school agendas and related to childhood and children’s peer cultures.
Link http://www.mah.se/upload/LUT/Konferenser/Abstractbok%20web.pdf?epslanguage=sv (external link to publication)
Host/Issue Abstracts, Active Citizenship;abstract 46
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Livskunskap
Life Competence Education
Broad didactics
Curriculum Studies
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS::Children
Note NERA's 38th Congress - Active Citizenship (Nordisk Förening för Pedagogisk Forskning) 11-13 March 2010 Malmö University School of Teacher Education, Malmö, Sweden
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/10145 (link to this page)
Link http://www.mah.se/NERAcongress2010 (external link to related web page)

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