Integrating newly arrived immigrant youths – an evaluation of IM´s project in Landskrona, Sweden

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Integrating newly arrived immigrant youths – an evaluation of IM´s project in Landskrona, Sweden

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Publication 1-year master student thesis
Title Integrating newly arrived immigrant youths – an evaluation of IM´s project in Landskrona, Sweden
Author(s) Kronqvist, Sanna
Date 2010
English abstract
The intent of this paper is to evaluate the aid organization IM´s (the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief) two year project in Landskrona, with a focal point on their two activities “Move it” and Café for women and girls. Focus lie on how IM has strived to achieve their objectives and perceived effects. The evaluation is conducted from an individual perspective, seeking participating individual’s and cooperation partner’s perception. Secondly the paper discusses on what ground and what possibility the project has for integrating newly arrived immigrant youths and women in relation to theories of integration, social capital and sport-based social mobility. Semi-structured interviews were held with key persons, participants and volunteers and were complemented with participant observations at activities, in the area and by following the work of the project leader. Effects are detected at mainly an individual level. Participants have gained language skills, tested sports and know slightly more about the town. Especially the women have received weak ties with Swedes and other participants and to some degree extended their knowledge about the society. Some youths have “dropped off” to other organizations but the amount is not established here. The project mainly works on a “structural integration” level. It appears to lower prejudices among the participants and volunteers, however most likely they did not hold strong prejudices from the start. Contact with associations was experienced mainly positive however a few negative contacts have occurred and could have enlarged prejudices about immigrant, Swedes, youths, the association etc. The findings show a very limited enlarged social capital for the participants, but the women’s weak ties represent some. To enlarge the positive effects seen IM ought to focus more on language skills, knowledge about the town and develop relationships rather then centre on visiting associations. The volunteers have also gained from their engagement, for example interest in cultures or personal development. To sustain IM´s activity in Landskrona it requires additional volunteers, as well as team building and communication regarding the future. Furthermore the “Move it” activity need to focus more on socializing, continuity and gaining a wider context.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) integration
social capital
"Move it"
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