The Concept of Work Ability

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The Concept of Work Ability

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title The Concept of Work Ability
Author(s) Tengland, Per-Anders
Date 2011
English abstract
Introduction: The concept of ” work ability” is central for many sciences, especially for those related to working life and to rehabilitation. It is one of the important concepts in legislation regulating sickness insurance. How the concept is defined therefore has important normative implications. The concept is, however, often not sufficiently well defined. Aim and Method: The objective of this paper is to clarify, through conceptual analysis, what the concept can and should mean, and to propose a useful definition for scientific and practical work. Results: Several of the defining characteristics found in the literature are critically scrutinized and discussed, namely health, basic standard competence, occupational competence, occupational virtues, and motivation. These characteristics are related to the work tasks and the work environment. One conclusion is that we need two definitions of work ability, one for specific jobs that require special training or education, and one for jobs that most people can manage given a short period of practice. Having work ability, in the first sense, means having the occupational competence, the health required for the competence, and the occupational virtues that are required for managing the work tasks, assuming that the tasks are reasonable and that the work environment is acceptable. In the second sense, having work ability is having the health, the basic standard competence and the relevant occupational virtues required for managing some kind of job, assuming that the work tasks are reasonable and that the work environment is acceptable. Conclusion: These definitions give us tools for understanding and discussing the complex, holistic and dynamic aspects of work ability, and they can lay the foundations for the creation of instruments for evaluating work ability, as well as help formulate strategies for rehabilitation.
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Publisher Springer journals
Host/Issue Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation;2
Volume 21
ISSN 1053-0487
Pages 275-285
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Competence
Occupational virtues
Work environment
Work tasks
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects::Philosophy subjects::Theoretical philosophy
Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS::Caring sciences::Occupational therapy
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