TMD-pain among adults in the county of Scania, Sweden

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TMD-pain among adults in the county of Scania, Sweden

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Title TMD-pain among adults in the county of Scania, Sweden
Author(s) Gillborg, Susanna ; Ekberg, EwaCarin ; Åkerman, Sigvard
Date 2010
English abstract
Objectives: This study evaluates the prevalence of TMD-pain in adults in the county of Scania, in the south of Sweden. Methods: A questionnaire was in 2006 mailed to a randomized selected sample of 10 000 individuals in the county of Scania. If the individuals answered yes to one or both of following questions, the subject was classified as having TMD-pain (1) “ Do you have pain in your temples, face, jaw joint or jaws once a week or more?” and (2) “Do you have pain when you open your mouth wide or chew once a week or more?”. The questions have previously shown high validity and reliability for TMD-pain among adolescents. Results: 6123 individuals answered the questionnaire. 1210 individuals (20.4 %) reported TMD-pain. Mean age was 47 years, with a female-male ratio of 7:5. A higher prevalence of TMD-pain was found for the ages 20-59 with the highest figure for the ages between 20 and 29 years. TMD-pain was reported by 19–21 % of individuals born in Sweden or another Nordic country compared to 32 % of the individuals not born in the Nordic countries. Length of education was not related to TMD-pain. A higher prevalence of reported TMD-pain was found for individuals being unemployed, retired or were on sick leave compared to other occupations. Among individuals living with a partner, 19% reported TMD-pain compared to 23% among those living alone and 27% with another family situation. Conclusion: The study found a high prevalence (20.4 %) of TMD-pain among adults in the county of Scania. Highest prevalence (32%) was found among adults not born in a Nordic country.
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Pages Abstract number: 1900
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Medicine
Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
Note IADR, (International Association for Dental Research), Barcelona, Spain 14-17 juli 2010
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