The Team Builder: the role of nurses facilitating the interprofessional student team

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The Team Builder: the role of nurses facilitating the interprofessional student team

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Title The Team Builder: the role of nurses facilitating the interprofessional student team
Author(s) Carlson, Elisabeth
Date 2010
English abstract
Interprofessional education (IPE) is an educational strategy attracting increased interest as a method to train future health care professionals. One example of IPE is the implementation of clinical training wards, where students from different health care professions can learn together. At these wards the students work in teams with a high degree of clinical independence with the support of facilitators. The professional composition of the team of facilitators usually corresponded to that of the students. However, previous studies have revealed that nurse facilitators are often in the majority, responsible for both the student nurses’ profession specific facilitation as well as interprofessional team orientated facilitation. This ethnographic study collected data from a clinical training ward through participant observations, interviews with facilitators and one focus group interview, which took place after the individual interview at the end of the field studies. Eight nurse facilitators were observed during the field work period. In addition, nine nurses participated in individual interviews. Four of these nurses also took part in the focus group interview. Data were inductively analysed following the ethnographic approach. The findings highlighted the facilitators’ reflective and student centred approach. Facilitation was focused towards team building among the students to enhance collaborative and independent work. It is recommended that further research explore the views of all profession specific facilitators to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the implications of team facilitation. Another topic for future research would be to explore the long term effects on collaboration skills when students with IPE experience commence their professional careers.
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Nursing
Clinical Practice
Note 2nd International Interprofessional Health and Social Care Conference 6-7th of July 2010
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