Talk about Civil Society


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Publication Bachelor thesis
Title Talk about Civil Society
Author Tainio, Anna
Date 2011
English abstract
In Georgia the non-governmental organisations are active and manifold despite the Soviet heritage of a trampled civil society and lengthy violent conflicts, frozen yet not forgotten. NGOs seek to deal with the problematic issues through information, strengthening civil society and building bridges between antagonists. An organisation consists of individuals and the work is done through “their” individuals towards other individuals. Martha Nussbaum's approach on human well-being, which does not count income or ask for a minimum set of utensils for a universal basic standard, is being offered as a more just way of judging national growth than the GDP. Nussbaum's approach of basic human capability cherishes individuality and different cultures, recognising that not every one wishes the same things in order to feel fulfilled. The capability approach allows persons to choose a preferred way of life, yet lists demands of equal opportunities to all for reaching personal development and accessing possibilities. By analysing the narrations of NGO-staff members thematically according to the capability to affiliate, a relevant feel for the possibilities of successful and satisfying interaction in the NGO-sector emerges and some contemporary issues in the local contexts are presented. The interviews were conducted in Georgia during two months in 2010, and the focus was on relationships and experiences connected to work. Exercising the capability in good measure is presented in the narratives as gaining the individual increased emotion and furthering personal development. Areas where living up to the capability is hampered become also visible: affiliating may brush against existing stereotypical norms in the society. Yet the individuals challenge the restrictions and in doing so develop their civil society and themselves.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle
Pages 70
Language eng (iso)
Subject NGOs
The Caucasus
narrative analysis
the capabilities approach
civil society
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