Gender and class in urban transport: the cases of Xian and Hanoi

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Gender and class in urban transport: the cases of Xian and Hanoi

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Gender and class in urban transport: the cases of Xian and Hanoi
Author(s) Tran, Hoai Anh ; Schlyter, Ann
Date 2010
English abstract
This paper presents empirical findings of a study on the mobility situation of people of different gender, age and class in two residential areas each in two fast-growing Asian cities with high rates of motorization, Xian in China and Hanoi in Vietnam. Notable class and gender differences in travel patterns were found in both cities. Respondents in the old and poorer residential areas walk more, while better-off respondents in the new areas use motorized transport modes (car and motorbikes) to a greater extent. The main difference in travel modes between the areas in both cities is that non-motorized modes are used as a necessary means of travel for less well-off people in the old areas, while residents in the new (and better-off areas) can choose to switch to motorized modes for longer distance trips. Further class difference can be found in Hanoi in the use of buses and in Xian in the use of cars. The study found that the differences in travel patterns between women and men are similar to those found between the residents of poor and affluent areas: women walk more and men are more motorized. The study also confirms that in both Xian and Hanoi, despite women’s high rates of participation in the labour market, men still predominate in livelihood-related transport tasks whereas women are more involved in household-related transport tasks.
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Publisher SAGE
Host/Issue Enrivonment and Urbanization;1
Volume 22
ISSN 0956-2478
Pages 139-155
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) gender
transport modes
urban mobility
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
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