Narratives about identities and communities in the shadow of the Holocaust.

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Narratives about identities and communities in the shadow of the Holocaust.

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Title Narratives about identities and communities in the shadow of the Holocaust.
Author(s) Thor Tureby, Malin
Date 2012
English abstract
In a research project (funded by the Swedish Research Council), “Swedish-Jewish refugee receptions. Narratives and negations of “Jewish” identities and communities in Sweden ca 1945–2010”, I work with narratives about and from ”Jews” in Sweden. The “Jew” has been a crucial category and even a stereotype in the formation of different Swedish national identities in different social contexts over time. In contrast to most other research projects with a focus on narrative material I want to analyse how a marginalized group like the Swedish Jews are negotiating their own identities and communities by othering and marginalizing or including other Jewish groups over time. I will do this by examining how the Swedish-Jewish refugee activities have been narrated in different materials and contexts over the period 1945–2010. In this paper I will focus on how Swedish Jewish identities and communities have been negotiated in relation to Jewish refugees and survivors in Sweden in individual life stories. Who are talking about Swedish-Jewish identities/communities in relation to refugee work and the Jewish survivors in their life stories? How and what is narrated about Swedish-Jewish identities/communities? How are ”the Swedish-Jews” and the ”survivors” related to the Swedish-(Jewish) society in the individual life stories? How are different groups and conceptions of identities created, while defined and categorized in the narratives about the refugee reception/activities? I work with material from the archive “Jewish memories” at the National Museum of cultural history (Nordiska museet). During the years 1994 –1998 the National Museum of Cultural History collected autobiographical material (interviews and written life stories) from three categories of people with Jewish origin; Jews who were born in Sweden, Jews who fled to Sweden before and during the Second World War, and Jews who came to Sweden from the concentration camps. The paper will also address epistemological and methodological questions about working with material (narratives, interviews and life stories) that have been created/collected by an institution such as the National museum of cultural history. Why was the collection of “Jewish memories” initiated at/by the Nordiska museet? What broad assumptions and specific issues animated / initiated the collection of “Jewish memories”? What intellectual, social, national and international contexts and influences shaped the collection of narratives?
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Jewish
Nordiska museum
Jewish memories
Sweden 1933-1945
oral history
Swedish Jews
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Note Beyond Camps and Forced Labour.Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution UK, London, Imperial War Museum 4 - 7 January 2012
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