Strategies in years 4-6 : possibilities and problems

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Strategies in years 4-6 : possibilities and problems

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Publication Conference Paper, peer reviewed
Title Strategies in years 4-6 : possibilities and problems
Author(s) Lundahl, Bo
Date 2012
Editor(s) Allström, Maria; Pinter, Annamaria
English abstract
Strategies appear in all the parts of the syllabus for English in the new Swedish national curriculum introduced in 2011. The knowledge requirements for year 6 distinguish between the use of the singular “a strategy” for the lowest grade and the plural “strategies” for the higher grades.Although there are strong arguments in favour of including strategies in a language syllabus, teachers face several problems when assessing strategies summatively as a basis for grading, particularly listening and reading strategies. First, there is a problem of categorization and definition. Second, if listening and reading strategies are viewed metacognitively, they cannot be assessed when being used. Third, strategies may be used consciously or subconsciously. Fourth, the knowledge requirements indicate that teachers should establish a causal relationship between strategy use and comprehension, but strategies are not necessarily facilitative and learners’ successful comprehension may be due to other factors. While arguing that reception strategies should not have been included in the knowledge requirements, the text includes an example of how a teacher had her learners using listening strategies collaboratively and as a basis for formative assessment.
Swedish abstract
Eftersom strategier fungerar som del av kommunikation bör de finnas med i språkundervisning och skolans styrdokument. Det finns emellertid problem med att de även inbegrips i språkundervisningens kunskapskrav. För det första kan strategier definieras och kategoriseras olika. För det andra kan receptionsstrategier inte bedömas då de används. För det tredje används strategier medvetet eller omedvetet. För det fjärde är inte all strategianvändning framgångsrik, men inkluderandet av strategier i kunskapskraven bygger på att läraren ska kunna fastställa ett kausalt samband mellan strategianvändning av förståelse. Texten inbegriper ett exempel på hur en lärare använde lyssnandestrategier i sin undervisning i kollaborativ anda och relaterat till formativ bedömning.
Publisher Uppsala Universitet
Host/Issue English for young learners - Forum 2012 : proceedings from the conference in Uppsala 19 June 2012;
ISBN 978-91-506-2323-9
Pages 82-91
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) English as a foreign language
language teaching
reception strategies
summative assessment
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Note Conference on English for Young Learners -Forum, Uppsala, 19 June 2012
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