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Research trends with cross tabulation search engine

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Research trends with cross tabulation search engine
Author(s) Yin, Chengjiu ; Hirokawa, Sachio ; Yau, Jane ; Hashimoto, Kiyota ; Tabata, Yoshiyuki ; Nakatoh, Tetsuya
Date 2013
English abstract
To help researchers in building a knowledge foundation of their research fields which could be a time-consuming process, the authors have developed a Cross Tabulation Search Engine (CTSE). Its purpose is to assist researchers in 1) conducting research surveys, 2) efficiently and effectively retrieving information (such as important researchers, research groups, keywords), and also 3) providing analytical information relating to past and current research trends in a particular field. Their CTSE system employs data-processing technologies and emphasizes the use of a “Learn by Searching” learning strategy to support students to analyze such research trends. To show the effectiveness of CTSE, a pilot experiment has been conducted, where participants were assigned to do research survey tasks and then answer a questionnaire regarding the effectiveness and usability of the system. The results showed that the system has been helpful to students in conducting research surveys, and the research trend transitions that our system presented were effective for producing research trend surveys. Moreover, the results showed that most students had favorable attitudes toward the usage and usability of the system, and those students were satisfied in gaining more know ledge in a particular research field in a short period.
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Publisher IGI Global
Host/Issue International Journal of Distance Education Technologies;1
Volume 11
ISSN 1539-3100
Pages 31-44
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) analysis
learning by searching
research trends
search engine
text mining
Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
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