Amphetamine use and sexual practices

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Amphetamine use and sexual practices

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Amphetamine use and sexual practices
Author(s) Skårner, Anette ; Svensson, Bengt
Date 2013
English abstract
AIM – This article examines how men and women who have left problematic drug use describe their own previous use of amphetamine in the context of sexual activity as well as the views in the drug-using environments on amphetamine and sex. METHODS – The article builds on a qualitative study of sexuality, intimate relationships and drug use against the backdrop of the exit process from drug abuse. The 35 interviewees comprise a heterogeneous group in terms of both drug abuse history and life circumstances in general. RESULTS – In the sexual practices of our informants, amphetamine has been used to increase sexual desire and to enhance sexual experience. Initially, the drug appears to facilitate pornography inspired sexual experimentation, which is experienced as something positive, but gradually this is for many transformed into sexual practices that are seen as practically manic, with marathon sex being an important component. Among men, sometimes the sexual interest is channeled into an intense masturbating, as a substitute for a sexual partner or in order not to disturb the amphetamine experience by involving a live partner. Once amphetamine use starts to lead to problematic effects on social life and mental and physical health, desire becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. Although amphetamine is associated with sex in the amphetamine environment there is also room for toning down sexual activity and instead use the total focus of the high for crime (breaking) or other practical acitivties such as repairs or housecleaning (tinkering). CONCLUSION – Our study shows that amphetamine has a reputation for enhancing sexual experience, which has increased its powers of attraction for both men and women. The impact of amphetamine on sexuality is influenced by personal experiences and culturally determined expectations. Even when one manipulates the sexual act with amphetamine the strong individuality that characterizes human sexuality in general remains. The total experience of mixing amphetamine and sex, which for most is changing in a negative direction over time, appears to be a result of the interaction between the drug, the social and relational setting and the sexual script of the individual.
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Publisher DeGruyter
Host/Issue Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs;5
Volume 30
ISSN 1455-0725
Pages 403-423
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) amphetamine
substance abuse
sexual behaviour
sexual script
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
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