"Ualhi Yax Imix Che tu Chumuk" : Cosmology, Ritual, and the Power of Place in Yucatec Maya (Con-)Texts

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"Ualhi Yax Imix Che tu Chumuk" : Cosmology, Ritual, and the Power of Place in Yucatec Maya (Con-)Texts

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Title "Ualhi Yax Imix Che tu Chumuk" : Cosmology, Ritual, and the Power of Place in Yucatec Maya (Con-)Texts
Author(s) Liljefors Persson, Bodil
Date 2011
Editor(s) Isendahl, Christian; Liljefors Persson, Bodil
English abstract
This chapter focuses on how Maya rituals communicate cosmological beliefs over the long term. She stresses that historiography and myths reflect cosmology and sacred meanings of landscape, and employs a contextual approach to interpret rituals and beliefs as found in various Maya (con-)texts over time. This chapter offers a combination of theoretical discussions about space and place with belief systems that communicate long-term cosmological perceptions and landscape management among modern-day Yucatec Maya. Text examples from ethnohistorical sources that deal with cosmology, rituals, and places related to the discourses of power and landscape will be analyzed using both hermeneutical and contextual approaches. Another goal in this chapter is to illustrate how people construct a unifying bridge between their local myths and history, in order to create a long-term continuum that reflects their local history and environment. This will be contextualized and interpreted through examples from the books of Chilam Balam. Narratives of one place may not only link other toponyms with the territories of those places, but they also may conjoin people from different historical time frames to that particular place. These examples suggest that identity and belief systems are grounded in, and often firmly linked to a place. These elements also can be explored through and illustrated by describing ritual practice or myths narrated in ethnohistorical documents.
Publisher Verlag Anton Saurwein
Host/Issue Ecology, Power and Religion in Maya Landscapes
Series/Issue Acta Mesoamericana;23
ISBN 3-931419-19X
Pages 139-152
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) cosmology
Books of Chilam Balam
Yucatec Maya
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/16844 (link to this page)

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