Surface structure and mechanical properties of impaction-modified Y-TZP

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Surface structure and mechanical properties of impaction-modified Y-TZP

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Surface structure and mechanical properties of impaction-modified Y-TZP
Author(s) Evaggelia, Papia ; Ryo, Jimbo ; Bruno, Chrcanovic ; Martin, Andersson ; Per, Vult von Steyern
Date 2014
English abstract
Objectives The objectives of the study were to describe the surface structure and the chemical surface composition of Y-TZP ceramics produced by using the modified additive technique and to evaluate the flexural strength of Y-TZP with or without surface modification and with different pretreatments: etching before or after sintering combined with or without an adhesive cement system. Methods Y-TZP discs were used for surface analysis (n = 48) and for biaxial flexural strength testing (n = 200). The specimens were divided into groups depending on the cementation surface of Y-TZP: unmodified, sandblasted or glass-modified Y-TZP surfaces, and according to the production process: etching before or after sintering. Results The surface structure and the chemical composition of glass-modified Y-TZP differ; a rougher surface and phase transformation was identified compared to unmodified Y-TZP. The unmodified Y-TZP groups showed significantly higher flexural strength compared to the glass-modified groups (p < 0.001) and showed increased flexural strength after sandblasting (p < 0.001). Furthermore, by adding cement to the surface, the value increased even further in comparison with the sandblasted non-cemented specimens (p < 0.01). After thermocycling, however, the cement layer on the unmodified and the sandblasted surfaces had air pockets and regions with loose cement. Significance A rougher surface structure, superficial glass remnants and a higher content of m-phase was present in the cementation surface of glass-modified Y-TZP. The glass modification creates a bondable cementation surface that is durable. By etching the glass-modified Y-TZP before sintering, a more homogenous surface is created compared to one that is etched after sintering.
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Publisher Elsevier
Host/Issue Dental Materials journal of Oral and Craniofacial Biomaterials Sciences;8
Volume 30
ISSN 0109-5641
Pages 808-816
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) compressive strength
dental bonding
dental ceramics
dental cements
material testing
yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia
Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
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