Effect of additives Nb2O5 and Cr2O3 on creep of UO2

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Effect of additives Nb2O5 and Cr2O3 on creep of UO2

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Publication Conference Paper, peer reviewed
Title Effect of additives Nb2O5 and Cr2O3 on creep of UO2
Author(s) Massih, Ali ; Jernkvist, Lars-Olof
Date 2015
English abstract
The creep of UO2 doped with Nb2O5 or Cr2O3 has been assessed using a point defect model based on the law of mass action, and the diffusional creep according to the Nabarro-Herring mechanism, which relates the creep rate to the lattice self-diffusivity, the inverse of grain area and the applied stress. The self-diffusion coefficients of cation (U) and anion (O) are directly proportional to the ion concentrations, which in turn are functions of dopant concentrations. The model has been used to evaluate past creep experiments on doped UO2 that were made as a function of dopant concentration (up to about 1 mol%) with a varying grain size at different temperatures and applied stresses. The creep rate increases significantly with the dopant concentration and the model, after a modification of the creep rate coefficient, retrodict the measured data satisfactorily.
Publisher SMiRT organization
Host/Issue SMiRT 23 Proceedings;
Pages 10
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Technology
Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Note Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, SMiRT-23. Manchester, United Kingdom - August 10-14, 2015
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/19358 (link to this page)
Link http://smirt23.uk (external link to related web page)

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