Design and the Question of History

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Design and the Question of History

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Publication Article, book review scientific
Title Design and the Question of History
Author(s) Keshavarz, Mahmoud
Date 2015
English abstract
Readers of this volume should be prepared to confront sets of provocative argument, polemic and advocacy discussed extensively in the form of three separate yet interrelated essays by scholars of design philosophy, history and education: Clive Dilnot, Tony Fry and Susan Stewart. Published as the first book in Bloomsbury’s series Design, Histories, Futures, the volume appears as a framework for the other titles to come. It is challenging and dense, but ultimately a forceful and inspiringly articulated set of essays arguing that design as a discipline, practice and discourse has neglected what history means in general and exploring how history is made and remade by design in particular. While differing in the politics of their entry into the discussion of history and design, all three authors share the same ontological ground: that design and designing are embedded in history, and direct possibilities of making history within the past, present and future.
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Publisher Oxford University Press
Host/Issue Journal of Design History;4
Volume 28
ISSN 1741-7279
Pages 451-452
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Humanities/Social Sciences
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