Does race matter in Sweden? : challenging colorblindness in Sweden

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Does race matter in Sweden? : challenging colorblindness in Sweden

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Publication Article, peer reviewed scientific
Title Does race matter in Sweden? : challenging colorblindness in Sweden
Author(s) Osanami Törngren, Sayaka
Date 2015
English abstract
Sweden is a country of immigration, where fourteen percent of about nine million residents are born outside of the country. Immigration to Sweden has increased for three consecutive years, and it is expected that the number of immigrants to Sweden in 2014 will be the highest ever recorded. Up until the 1980s immigration to Sweden was dominated by European labor migrants; however, today it is dominated by non-European asylum seekers and family members of the existing immigrant population. As the type of immigration and the countries of origin have shifted, Sweden has faced different issues concerning integration and discrimination. Swedish society is reluctant to admit that race and visible differences matter. Swedish integration policy is based around the ideology of colorblindness, and consequently discriminatory problems faced by immigrants are often attributed to cultural and ethnic differences. In contrast to the current resistance to talk about race, Sweden was deeply involved with the development of the idea of race. This article challenges the current colorblind ideal and resistance to talk about race and visible differences in Sweden. A short presentation of previous research and the results from my own research on attitudes towards interracial marriages will demonstrate that race does matter in Sweden.
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Publisher Jochidaigaku
Host/Issue Sophia Journal of European Studies;7
ISSN 1883-5635
Pages 125-137
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
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