Blink reflexes in patients with atypical odontalgia

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Blink reflexes in patients with atypical odontalgia

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Title Blink reflexes in patients with atypical odontalgia
Author(s) Baad-Hansen, Lene ; List, Thomas ; Jensen, Troels Staehelin ; Leijon, Göran ; Svensson, Peter
Date 2005
English abstract
Aim: To examine the blink reflex (BR) evoked by stimulation of the trigeminal (V) nerve branches, to examine the painful V branch before and during a pain provocation test, and to compare the painful and the contra lateral non-painful branch in patients with atypical odon-talgia (AO). Methods: In thirteen patients with AO, the BR was elicited with the use of a concentric electrode and recorded bilaterally with surface EMG electrodes on both orbicularis oculi muscles. Electrical stimuli were applied to the skin above the V1, V2 and V3 nerve branches and to the V branch contralateral to the painful branch. The sensory and pain thresholds were determined. The BR examination of the painful V branch was repeated during a capsaicin pain provocation test. The data were analysed with use of non-parametric statistics. Results: The BR responses evoked by stimulation of the V3 were significantly lower than the BR responses evoked by stimulation of the V1 and V2 (P < 0.004). There were no differences in BR between the painful and non-painful side (P > 0.569), and the BR was not significantly modulated by experimental pain (P > 0.080). The sensory thresholds were significantly lower on the painful side compared to the non-painful side (P = 0.017). The pain thresholds were not different between sides (P > 0.910). Conclusion: These preliminary findings did not indicate major differences in the V nociceptive pathways between sides in AO patients. Future studies comparing the BR in AO patients with healthy volunteers are needed to provide further knowledge on the pain mechanisms in AO.
Host/Issue Journal of orofacial pain;3
Volume 19
ISSN 1064-6655
Pages 223-247
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Medicine
Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY
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