The Masticatory Handicap of Wearing Removable Dentures in Elderly Men

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The Masticatory Handicap of Wearing Removable Dentures in Elderly Men

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Publication Article, other scientific
Title The Masticatory Handicap of Wearing Removable Dentures in Elderly Men
Author(s) Liedberg, Birgitta ; Stoltze, Kaj ; Öwall, Bengt
Date 2005
English abstract
Objective: This study aimed at describing the masticatory handicap of wearing removable dentures measured by some masticatory tests and the intake of hard and soft foods. Materials and methods: The subjects were participants in a comprehensive health examination of 67- 68-year-old men living in Malmö, Sweden. Four hundred eighty-three men took part in a clinical oral examination which recorded the number of teeth and removable dentures. One hundred and one had complete dentures in both jaws and 131 had removable partial dentures in different combinations. Masticatory tests used almonds to record the number of strokes to the first swallow, and two-coloured chewing gums for recording bolus kneading and shaping. A nutritionist paid a home visit to assess dietary habits including the consumption of hard and soft foods. The data could be split into groups of different tooth and denture situations which were large enough to enable statistical analysis to be carried out. The results of a regression analysis of the group with different numbers of natural teeth (NT) and no removable dentures could be used as a reference for correlation with the masticatory capacity of removable denture wearers. Results: Number of strokes to the first swallow revealed no masticatory limitations of wearing removable dentures, while chewing gum colour-mixing and shaping revealed more differentiated impairments equivalent to the function of five to 16 teeth in a remaining natural dentition. Hard food intake for the removable denture groups was comparable to 17-19 NT. Soft food intake was not influenced by denture wearing. In a ranking of oral conditions, those with more than 24 NT had the highest test values for all tests, and those with complete sets of dentures the lowest except for the number of strokes to the first swallow of an almond. Conclusion: Removable denture wearing can be regarded as a handicap when measured with objective masticatory tests using chewing gum and the intake of hard foods. The number of chewing strokes to the first swallow of an almond and the intake of soft foods is not affected by the wearing of removable dentures.
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Host/Issue Gerodontology;1
Volume 22
ISSN 0734-0664
Pages 10-16
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Medicine
Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Gerodontology
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