IDR "Interaktionsdesignad rädsla"


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Publication Bachelor thesis
Title IDR "Interaktionsdesignad rädsla"
Author Bergöö, Martin
Date 2006
English abstract
This essay focuses on the possibilities and problems that come with having teleportation mixed with horror and fear and not having monsters in fear games. How it is to play a horror game without enemies and just being able as an Interactiondesigner to relay on the psychological feeling within the player, if the feeling is more than enough if the player him self get to fantasies and let their deepest fright feelings take over. Is there no difference if there are monsters/enemies or not. Is fright and fear already there before you encountering the enemies? These questions are answered as the paper also presents a game in the shape of a course that has been paralleled worked with. The world with the complete and finished game have bin done in the Hammer editor which the game HalfLife2 (VU games/Valve Software, 2004) is built on. The finished game is a result of several user tests from the prototype game and user questionnaires. Fear games are mainly built on humans’ psychological feelings, the imaginations and how one feel. Through strong usage and building upon these main factors to create fear I have worked from that perspective and investigated how I by best possible means, should do to create fear to fright players by not using enemies as main frightening objects. Focus has been on the narrative of both visual and auditive narration. I have also given an account of the advantage and disadvantages with working with the tool I have chosen, how it has affected my work and my result. The Result turned out to be even better than I had in mind and a positive attitude towards my game from all the test persons. They thought it was a good example that a horror game is not bound to have monsters in order to fright the player. I got a loot of good feedback, response and ideas of what I could improve and what was already good. Some wanted more light effects on the first part and others less sound in the last part. By listening to the test persons I started to create and shape the final version of the game. Everyone became scared and felt more or less frightened through all four parts of the game. I also got positive feedback on my theory from the test persons, that teleportation mixed with horror and fear is something that they could consider using more in games and that this was a good start in the right direction.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Konst, kultur, kommunikation, K3
Language swe (iso)
Subject horror games
game experience
psychological feelings
frightening objects
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