Emotional Triggers - Experience design as an added value

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Emotional Triggers - Experience design as an added value

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Publication Bachelor thesis
Title Emotional Triggers - Experience design as an added value
Author(s) Gran Hornsten, Anders ; Holst, Jacob
Date 2006
English abstract
We have in this thesis studied the area of emotive design as a way to create a stronger user experience. Functionality and features are still important to break new grounds and develop artifacts that can make our life easier, but the value of the product must be considered in a new way and communicated on new level, an emotional level. We have within the thesis, in collaboration with Sony Ericsson,investigated how emotions can be evoked by personal technologies. The human computer interaction is today so advanced that we might not always reflect over the impact the technology has on us. Our personal technology is getting more sophisticated which could allow stronger emotional bonds between the user and a device. What we have created is a concept for designing what we call emotional triggers. To find out what triggers users’ emotions towards technologyin order to create an added value, we have studied the relationship between users and their mobile phones. These studies included a workshop where we aimed to find out how users perceive their mobile phone and also how willing they are to personalize it. Furthermore we conducted trend research in Berlin and Milan to see international differences in mobile usage and also to compare it to other industries such as the fashion industry. The result is a concept we call Selectíf. The concept is a set of design criteria for designing add-ons that are made to illustrate more emotional values of a technical device. The concept is based on the notion of a series of add-ons and we have also created a first prototype, called Selectíf no1 based on the criteria. The prototype focuses less on technology and more on a user’s emotional needs and illuminates how personal technologies can be designed to be more emotive and thereby create a stronger user experience.
Swedish abstract
Arbetet har genomförts med målet att skapa ett mervärde för Sony Ericssons produkter, utan att fokusera på telefoner. Vi har undersökt hur man kan öka användarens band till en teknologisk produkt som man alltid bär med sig. Vi har, genom att anordna en workshop, studerat användare och deras attityd gällande personalisering av mobiltelefoner. Vidare har vi besökt Milano och Berlin, och studerat hur mobiltelefoner kommuniceras hos återförsäljare och hur de används, för att få ett globalt perspektiv. Studierna har resulterat i att vi funnit en brist i hur personliga teknologier svarar mot människors känslor. Vi har baserat på detta skapat ett koncept vi kallar Selectíf som innebär en serie riktlinjer, eller kriterier för att skapa tillbehör till mobiltelefoner. Dessa tillbehör skall ta större hänsyn till emotionella aspekter och fokusera mindre på att vara funktions orienterade. Selectíf-produkter sätter känslorna i främsta rummet och skapar därmed ett mervärde baserat på emotionella band.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Konst, kultur, kommunikation, K3
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Experience design
Emotive design
Interaction design
Mobile phones
Communicating emotions
personal technologies
Sony Ericsson
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/3139 (link to this page)

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