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  • Teacher dilemmas while working with controversial socioscientific iss... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Rydberg, Christian; Sjöström, Jesper; Olander, Clas  (2017)
    The 12th Conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) (21st - 25th August 2017 : Dublin, Ireland)
    Conference contribution
  • A MODIS-based modeling scheme for the estimation of downward surface ... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Javadnia, Eslam; Abkar, Ali Akbar; Schubert, Per  
    Journal article in Arabian Journal of Geosciences; : Springer (2017)
    Journal article
    Delacour, Laurence Eds: Chronaki, Anna  
    Conference article in Proceedings of the Ninth International Mathematics Education and Society Conference; : International Mathematics Education and Society : MES (2017)

    Mathematics Education and Life of Time of Crisis : The 9th International Mathematics Education and Society Conference (MES9) (7th - 12th April 2017 : Volos, Greece)
    Conference article
  • Cross-curricular goals and raising the relevance of science education
    Belova, Nadja; Dittmar, Johanna; Hansson, Lena; Hofstein, Avi; Nielsen, Jan Alexis; Sjöström, Jesper; Eilks, Ingo Eds: Hahl, Kaisa; Juuti, Kalle; Lampiselkä, Jarkko; Lavonen, Jari; Uitto, Anna  
    Book chapter in Cognitive and Affective Aspects in Science Education Research - selected papers from the ESERA 2015 conference : Springer Serie: Contributions from Science Education Research;3 (2017)
    Book chapter
  • Futures at Stake : Children’s Identity Work in the Force Field of Soc...
    Lange, Troels Eds: Ernest, Paul; Sriraman, Bharath; Ernest, Nuala  
    Book chapter in Critical mathematics education : theory, praxis, and reality : IAP, Information Age Publishing (2016)
    Book chapter

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