Students' beliefs in pseudoscience


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Publication Conference Paper, peer reviewed
Title Students' beliefs in pseudoscience
Author Lundström, Mats
Date 2007
English abstract
This paper reports from a study about knowledge and beliefs in science and pseudoscience in health related issues. A web based questionnaire about knowledge in human biology and beliefs in pseudoscience has been answered by students in upper secondary school in Sweden. The aims of the study are to examine students’ beliefs in pseudoscientific phenomena related to the body and our health and if there is any relationship between those beliefs and knowledge of human biology, studied science courses or education programme. The survey measures relationship to science and scientists, beliefs in pseudoscience and knowledge in human biology. Results from the study show a correlation between science education and knowledge in human biology. However, no strong and clear correlation between science education or human biology knowledge and scepticism against pseudo-science was found. Neither was there any relationship between sex and pseudo-scientific beliefs. The increase of different types of information related to pseudo-science in media like New Age health related advertising and articles are the base for the study and importance of developing life-long skills to handle conflicting information are discussed. The paper is arguing for the importance of investigating and analysing students’ beliefs in science contra pseudo-science as a means of achieving scientific literacy.
Language eng (iso)
Subject science
Humanities/Social Sciences
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Note ESERA conference, Malmö.
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