Best of Both Worlds: A Platform for Hybrids of Computer Games and Board Games

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Best of Both Worlds: A Platform for Hybrids of Computer Games and Board Games

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Publication 1-year master student thesis
Title Best of Both Worlds: A Platform for Hybrids of Computer Games and Board Games
Author(s) Rören, Jonas
Date 2007
English abstract
This report describes my work with developing a game for a gaming platform that enables hybrids between board games and computer games. My ambition has been to develop a game that takes advantage of the novel possibilities that this platform permits. Among those are to operate with a combination of the computer game traits of complexity in the games and ease of playing; as well as the board game / card game traits of combining social dynamics around a game session with ability to keep information hidden from other players. This is accomplished by a combination of mobile phones and a computer connected to the Internet. The screen of the computer will serve as board and the phones will display cards and other private information to the players, as well as functioning as the players' means for interaction with the game. The game developed, Wind Bugs, takes advantage of the complexity of game states that a computer easily can handle. Effort has been put into finding mechanics with a level of complexity while still implementing them in way that makes them both playable and enjoyable. Rather than focusing on immersion, which has become common in the design of computer games, hopes are that games for this platform, including the game developed in this project, will give room to social dynamics among the players. Though operating with the use of mobile phones, the platform will not support "mobile gaming"; the proposed setting is a group of players surrounding a big screen.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Konst, kultur, kommunikation, K3
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) games
board games
computer-augmented games
game mechanics
game rules
game dynamics
game platforms
abstract games
themed games
mobile phones
mobile interaction suite
wind bugs
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