Zeals - Predicting and Designing for anticipation and recollection

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Zeals - Predicting and Designing for anticipation and recollection

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Publication 1-year master student thesis
Title Zeals - Predicting and Designing for anticipation and recollection
Author(s) Gavie, Dan ; Gran, Anders
Date 2007
English abstract
This master thesis in interaction design deals with two major scopes. First, it will describe how a design concept regarding events is initiated. Second, and parallel, a practical tool for user representations will be formed and used to illustrate a foundation for design. By providing examples of projects related to how anticipation and recollection can be experienced we highlight our work area. In addition to this, we present tools that we consider beneficial regarding user insights. Out of these two fields we describe a process where a mobile phone application is created situated within industrial borders. The result of this process consequently consist of two parts each depending on the other. The application, Zeals, demonstrates both how anticipation and recollection can be experienced. The second part of the end result, PAF, demonstrates how we have represented users and concludes that it can be used in other projects as well. Hence, our final result needs to be interpreted depending on design approach and it’s nature.
Swedish abstract
Zeals är en mobil applikation där användaren tillåts att kollaborativt uppleva förväntan och erinran inför och efter en händelse. Genom att användaren bidrar med media som hon själv definerat som relevant för händelsen kan mobiltelefonen fungera som ett medium där kopplingar och relevans är upp till användaren. Parallellt har ett designverktyg för användarjämförelser tagits fram - Persona Activity Framework. PAF syftar till att genom ett scenario visa skillnader och likheter mellan tilltänkta användare.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Konst, kultur, kommunikation, K3
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) interaktionsdesign
mobile phones
digital anticipation
digital recollection
UI design
user interfaces
user-centered design
mobil applikation
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/6351 (link to this page)

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