Dual Citizenship as Overlapping Membership

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Dual Citizenship as Overlapping Membership

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Publication Article, other scientific
Title Dual Citizenship as Overlapping Membership
Author(s) Faist, Thomas
Date 2001
English abstract
Dual citizenship has increased dramatically in recent decades. More and more states are tolerating or even accepting dual membership for various reasons. This is a puzzling trend because citizenship and political loyalty to sovereign states were thought to be indivisible until very recently. The new developments cast doubt on the assumption that overlapping membership violates the principle of popular sovereignty and that multiple ties and loyalties of citizens in bordercrossing social spaces and world society contradict state sovereignty. The argument put forward is that dual citizenship is neither an evil nor an intrinsic value for political communities. Dual citizenship is tied to genuine links of citizens across various sovereign political communities. Three perspectives shed light on dual citizenship: national, postnational and transstate approaches. Analytically, a transstate perspective can best describe relatively dense and continuous border-crossing ties as the overlapping membership of citizens across several political communities. In contrast to national concepts, a transstate view grasps the integrative potentials of reciprocity and solidarity in border-crossing spaces for bounded political communities. Also, a transstate perspective does not make unwarranted assumptions about a quantum leap in collective affiliation from the ?nation? to ?Europe? or even ?humanity?, as assumed by views such as postnational membership, suprastate citizenship and global democracy.
Publisher Internationell migration och etniska relationer, Malmö högskola
Host/Issue The Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers
ISSN 1650-5743
Pages 39
Language eng (iso)
Subject(s) Multiple citizenship
Social cooperation
Citizenship rights
Border-crossing ties
National loyalty
Global democracy
Suprastate citizenship
Postnational membership
Oc Statskunskap och politik
Handle http://hdl.handle.net/2043/691 (link to this page)
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