V-modulen, en del av en hållbarhetsstrategi.


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Publication Bachelor thesis
Title V-modulen, en del av en hållbarhetsstrategi.
Author Linders, Per-Erik ; Sandström, Helena
Date 2009
English abstract
The state of our society is frequently changing. Due to various factors, the pressure of creating a changeable city is high and necessary to adequately supply the needs for its inhabitants. But making these changes and adapt to the fast shifting state of the city is not always physical possible. Young adults and students is a group that often seeks to move to intensely growing city regions. The reason for this is a more promising job market and more attractive educations, but coincidentally the shortage of housing is extremely high in these areas. Thus the market for simple and cheap housing already exists, so the question is how to provide a quick solution for this problem and fill the need? It´s our opinion that a sustainable city must have a stabile action program when these kind of problem, for instants when shortage of housing, occurs. The aim of this study is to create a multifunctional basis structure for a versatility module (V-module), try it virtually and hypothetical in an existing city environment, and investigate how several units together with its surroundings can form a vibrant living situation. Furthermore, the intention is to evaluate the module housing concept as a part of a sustainable city development, and how it could become a part of the city of Malmo’s durability strategy.
Publisher Malmö högskola/Teknik och samhälle
Language swe (iso)
Subject Module
city development
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